Friday, July 12, 2013

Recycled wine cork and burlap ribbon wreath

Knowing that I love to craft with recycled materials a friend of mine gave me a big box of wine corks.  Of course I have been having a blast creating all sorts of corky and quirky things and in the weeks to follow I will share quick and easy tutorials using wine corks. How about an easy to make wreath for your dining area?

You will need:

Recycled wine corks

12-inch grapevine wreath

22 gauge brown wire

5 1/2" wide Burlap ribbon (I used tan but you can substitute any color you choose)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Wire cutters

1.     Use the wire cutters to cut about seven 8-inch pieces of 22 gauge brown wire. Pinch gather the burlap ribbon leaving about 10 inches hanging and use the wire to attach to the wreath twisting tightly on the back.

2.     Continue pinching sections of the ribbon, approximately 3 inches apart and attach with wire to the wreath until you reach your starting point.  Leave another 10-inch extra ribbon.

3.     Apply some hot glue onto a wine cork and add it vertically over the point were you attached the wire.  Place another wine cork beside the first cork. (This is the bottom center)   Continue to add single wine corks in this manner over every wired point until you reach your starting point. 

4.     Once you have added wine corks at every junction, attach a line of wine corks with hot glue end to end around the center perimeter, holding each cork until they set.

5.     Add wine corks end to end around the outside and hold until each cork sets. 

Back of wreath 

6.     Fluff up the burlap ribbon puffs and add a wire loop at the back center for hanging.