Friday, October 11, 2013

Wine cork snowflake ornament

The best time to start working on Christmas ornaments are before the hectic Christmas season is upon you.  In early fall you can make tons of ornaments and when Christmas rolls around you will be all set.  Besides you will need a little time to gather up those wine corks!

You will need:

·      7 Wine corks

·      7 Beads (I like silver sparkle ones)

·      18 inches of 14-gauge silver wire

·      Wire cutters

·      Needle nosed pliers

·      Tacky glue

·      Glitter

·      Paper plates

·      Sharp pointed awl

·      Ruler

·      Pencil

·      Small paintbrush

1.     Measure and mark ¼” from the end of a wine cork. (The thicker end that didn’t go into the wine bottle.  The end which was inserted into the wine bottle is a tad thinner than the outside end.)  Use the awl with a twisting motion to drill all the way through the cork.  Take it out and drill it the opposite way to make sure there is a path through the cork.  Repeat for the other 6 corks.

2.     Squeeze some tacky glue onto a paper plate and on another plate pour some glitter.  Use the paintbrush to apply some glue onto each end of the wine corks and dip into the glitter.  Use a third paper plate to place the wine corks with the glittered ends to dry and let dry completely.

3.     Using the wire cutters cut an 18-inch length of 14 gauge silver wire.

4.     Thread the wire through each wine cork with a bead in between until you have added all the wine corks and beads.

5.     Use the needle nosed pliers to join the two wire ends in a circle and twist around to join.  Make a loop with the excess and twist around in a pleasing shape as before. 

6.     Adjust the wire into a circular shape. The corks will form a sunburst star.

Note:  You may eliminate the glitter step if you desire but I think that glitter gives it a bit of flair. And don't forget there is only one day left to enter the giveaway for the October breast Cancer awareness drop earrings! There is also a tutorial to make some of your own as well right here