Thursday, April 10, 2014

Cracked look plastic Easter eggs tutorial

It’s almost time to fill those baskets and start the hunts!  Plastic eggs are great to put in small gifts and candies but while they very inexpensive they are kind of plain.  I thought why not glam them up a bit and give them a unique cracked egg look.  It’s easy and fun.  All you need is a paint pen, some clothespins and a well-ventilated area to work in and you can whip out a bakers dozen in no time flat. 

You will need:

Plastic eggs in colors of your choice



Fine point black paint pen marker (You must use a paint pen because sharpie markers will rub off but the paint pen marker will not.)

1.     Work in a well-ventilated area.  This is a great outdoor project on a warm sunny day!  Cover your work surface with paper. 

2.     If the plastic eggs halves are not separate, clip them apart with a pair of scissors.

3.     Clip a clothespin on each egg section.  This makes it easier to work with while the paint pen dries.  Working on the top of an egg section use the paint pen to draw a circle and then make lines in a spoke like fashion. (See photo)

4.     Continue working down the egg section by drawing a line all around the circumference.  Add vertical lines all around.  You will have squarish sections all around the egg half. (See photo)

5.     Draw lines in varied directions in each section you made. (See photo)  Continue making lines in all directions in each spoke area at the top of the egg section as well.

6.     Make another group of vertical lines all around under the previous one and fill in like you did in the round above just until you reach the clothespin.  Wait until the marked areas have dried (it should only take a few minutes) and then move the clothespin and mark that area too.  (See photo) 

7.     For the final step mark the line all around the bottom where the eggs join.

8.     Repeat steps 3-6 for other half of egg and let dry.  Fill your eggs and enjoy.


  1. So cute & so easy to make! Thank you for networking with us on the CLIMB!
    PS - I shared this on google+


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