Monday, February 22, 2016

Recycled advertising magnet shamrock

Recycled advertising magnet shamrock

I have amassed a large quantity of advertising magnets.  Pizza places, credit card companies and various others constantly send out little sheet magnets with their names and numbers.  Seriously how many magnets to a local pizza joint do you need on your fridge?  So I figured if they are going to keep sending them I am going to put them to a more “seasonal use.”  This is a great kids craft!

You will need:

A shamrock sticker or clip art printed off the computer

Black felt

Sheet advertising magnet (or if you don’t have any you can purchase sheet magnets at the craft store)

Tacky glue

Gold glitter dimensional fabric paint

Pen, scissors

1.     Spread some tacky glue on the back of the sticker.  This is to insure that it stays stuck.  Attach to the black felt.  If using clip-art, cut out and spread some glue onto the back.  Attach to the piece of black felt.  Let dry.  

2.     Cut around the motif leaving a quarter inch of black felt showing.  Place the prepared shamrock on the advertising magnet and trace around with a pen.  Cut out the shamrock shaped magnet.  Spread some glue on the back of the felt shamrock and attach to the magnet. Let dry.  Trim up any overhanging edges.

3.     Draw a line with Gold dimensional fabric paint all around the shamrock shape.  It can be a thin line or a thick one as desired.  Make sure you test the fabric paint on scrap paper first so that it comes out in an even line.  Let dry.  Stop throwing those advertising magnets away and make as many shamrocks as you want and deck out your fridge for St. Patty’s Day.  While you are at it why not try some Easter designs as well?  You can't get any more thrifty since this project costs practically nothing!!!


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    1. Glad you like this recycling advertising magnet. It sure makes it easy to reuse something people normally throw out!


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