Monday, March 20, 2017

How to make an adorable wine cork Easter bunny

If you’ve got some wine corks lying around and don’t know what to do with them, why not make an adorable cork Easter bunny. This is fun little Easter bunny can sit on a shelf, or be added to a grown up Easter basket. 

He is so quick to make you may want to make a few extras to give away as gifts!  Lets get started.


Wine corks
Flat cork sheet ¼” thickness (available at the local craft store)
Pink pompom in small 5 mm size (nose)
2 white ½” pompoms (cheeks)
1 1-inch white pompom (tail)
2 wiggle eyes
Pink bump chenille stem
Scrap of white felt
Scrap of orange and green felt (optional)
Pink cardstock
Hole punch (small and larger)
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Craft knife or X-acto
Nail or small awl
Self-healing cutting mat or corrugated cardboard to cut on
220 fine sandpaper


(Rub all cut sides on a piece of fine sandpaper to smooth)

1.     Work on a self healing cutting mat or heavy corrugated cardboard when cutting the corks.  Cut a cork about ¾ of the way down.  You will have two pieces of cork.  The smaller one is the head (set aside) The larger piece will be the arms.  Set this piece upright and make a line halfway across.  Slice it in half.  Rub the flat (cut) side on a piece of fine sandpaper to smooth.  Lay the flat side down and cut in half lengthwise.  Now cut in half once again from the point of the triangle (arms made)

2.     For the legs, cut another cork in half.  Place this piece upright like you did when making the arms,  and cut in half lengthwise.  (Legs made)

3.     Make a small oval shape on a piece of paper for a pattern and transfer twice to the ¼” cork piece.  Carefully cut out using the craft knife.  (Feet made)  For the body you will use an entire uncut cork.

All the pieces prepared

4.     To make the ears, place the fatter portion of a pink bump chenille stem on a scrap piece of felt.  Use a disappearing marker or pencil to draw around it leaving a little margin. Make sure you leave about ¼” of the straighter end since this is the part you will insert into the head. Cut out.  Make two.  Using the glue gun attach the bump chenille onto the felt.  (Ears made)

5.     Using a small awl or nail make a hole in the top of the head piece.  Add a bit of glue on the end of the chenille wire and insert into the head.  Repeat for the second ear.  You can bend the ears any way you’d like.

6.     Next, glue the prepared head on to the top of the body piece.

7.     Being aware that the flat side of the leg pieces will be attached to the side of the body, slice a scant amount on the side that will be the bottom so that is sits flat.  Glue the legs to the side of the body.

8.     Next glue the arms to the body. Then glue the feet ovals to the bottom of the legs.

9.     Make the face.  Glue two ½” white pompoms on the front of the head side by side. (Cheeks) Follow with a 5mm pink one in the center of the two white pompoms.  (Nose)  Finally glue two wiggle eyes centered above the cheeks.  Turn to the back and glue the largest pompom for the tail.

10. Optionally cut two small pointed shapes from orange felt.  Cut a piece of green felt, sandwich between the orange pieces and glue together.  (Carrot)  Place in the bunny’s hand.

11. For each foot, cut one large circle from pink cardstock and four small ones.  Glue to the bottom of the foot.


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    1. I love my little cork bunny! I have a whole collection of cork critters. Coming soon my cork poodle.


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