Monday, August 7, 2017

How to make an easy refillable travel duct tape wipe pack

refillable travel duct tape wipe pack

Flushable wipes have come a long way.  Many are safe for septic and sewer systems. And if you are concerned one can always use a trash can.  They usually come in packs of 40 but some stores sell small packs of 10 for travel. These travel packs of 10 are a little pricey when you consider how much a larger pack sells for. So I figured why not make a refillable travel duct tape wipe pack? 

Public toilets and porta potties at sporting events are often out of paper and unclean.  All you need to make this refillable travel duct tape wipe pack is some duct tape, a Ziploc sandwich bag, and the plastic top opener that comes on soft packs of flushable wipes. 


Duct tape in your choice of color or print
Recycled plastic top opener
X-acto or craft knife
Ziploc bag
Cutting mat
Piece of corrugated cardboard
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

1.  Cut off the plastic top opener from a used pack of a soft pack of flushable wipes and remove the entire plastic wrapper.

2.  Next, cut the bottom of a Ziploc quart sized storage bag to the size that will fit the wipes.  Don’t worry about it; you will be covering it with duct tape.

3.  Now working on a cutting mat, place a strip of duct tape across the bottom about an inch or so overlapping the bottom.

4.  Continue adding strips of duct tape across the bag until you have covered the entire side and reach the top (zipper) edge.  Now turn over and fold the sides and bottom edges to the opposite side. 

5.  Repeat step 3 and 4 or the second side.  Cover the entire back with duct tape.  Now cut a piece of corrugated cardboard the size to fit inside the bag.  Unzip and insert the cardboard. 

6.  Use a glue gun to attach the plastic opener to one side, center of the pack.  Make sure you only add hot glue to the edges around so that the opener will still open. 

7.  Open the opener and cut out the center duct tape area.

8.  Open the zipper area and fill with wipes. Take your refillable duct tape wipe pack with you wherever you go and fill it back as needed.


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