Monday, December 18, 2017

How to gift a book with a personalized ribbon bookmark

personalized ribbon bookmark

At Christmas, some of my friends and family are avid readers.  While they do have tablets with EBooks on them, nothing beats the turning of real pages.  So as I purchase these books I make a simple but personalized ribbon bookmark for each book.  The supplies for the ribbon bookmark are easily available and inexpensive.  And best of all they adjust to the book.  Use buttons that your friend or family will love. 

It’s so easy you will want to make several for yourself as well!


Elastic hair tie
Grosgrain ribbon to fit snuggly around the book
Unique button, or cabochon, embellishment
Hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
Lighter to seal ribbon


1.     Gather your supplies.  To begin, wrap the ribbon of your choice around the book.  Keep in mind that you will be folding the ribbon under as a seam.  Cut the piece of ribbon and run a lighter lightly across the ends to seal.

2.     Next, Add the hair tie and fold under.  Add some hot glue (or you can sew this if you desire) to attach.

3.     Now make sure the opposite end is folded to where each end meets and the seams face the same direction and hot glue or sew that ends as well. (See photo)

4.     Then, attach a button of the folded end with hot glue or sew it on.  Make sure your button or embellishment is tall enough for the elastic to attach.

5.     Add the bookmark to the book attaching the elastic around the button or embellishment to secure the place.


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