Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Recycled k-cup daffodil pens

The most popular item at Christmas this year at our house was my husband’s k-cup coffeemaker.  Of course you know I had to come up with something to make with the k-cups.  The challenge was that the used cups have a tiny hole in bottom.  Not to worry, how about making some k-cup daffodil pens?

For each pen you will need:

One used white k-cup, paper filter removed and washed thoroughly

Thin floral wire

Yellow felt, regular for soft petals but stiffened felt works even better

Misc. seed and bugle beads

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Stick pen

Floral tape

Needle nosed pliers

Wire cutters

Scissors, ruler, pencil

1.     Cut four pieces of thin floral wire 5 inches each.  Stick all four in a bunch through the bottom hole in the k-cup bend the wire against the back making sure that the wires inside come just to the edge of the k-cup.

2.     Carefully draw a bead of hot glue where the wire is bent on the back to attach to the cup.

3.     Cut out the petal pattern and back circle cover from the yellow felt.  Attach the petal piece to the back of the k-cup with some hot glue.  Add the circle cover to the back to further hide the wires.

4.     String some seed and bugle beads on a wire inside the cup up to ¼ inch from the end.  Using the needle nosed pliers bend the wire into a loop to contain the beads.  Separate the wires in a pleasing way and repeat with the other three wires.

5.     Grasp the pen and the wires coming out of the back together.  Starting at the top edge of the pen  wrap the floral tape around the pen and wires together.  Sometimes it helps to dab just a bit of glue on the wires and pen in order to keep it stable while you wrap.

6.     Continue wrapping the floral tape down the pen almost to the end.  Squeeze the tape with you fingers since floral tape sticks to itself when pressed.

Daffodil petal pattern - Copy and print full size

You now have a usable conversation piece!  Enjoy and come back often for more easy projects!


  1. This is really cute Crystal! Great idea! You are a crafty woman!!! ;o)

  2. Funky and creative! Very nice!!


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