Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Spider web Halloween pumpkin tutorial

Want a quick decorating idea for Halloween?  Make this spider web Halloween pumpkin in just a few minutes.  You can use a real pumpkin or just purchase one of the fake pumpkins that are in all the craft stores.  I’ve done mine on a white pumpkin with black web lines but it would look equally well with a black pumpkin using a white marker for the web lines and eliminate the spider. Quick, easy and so creepy!!

You will need:

White or black pumpkin

Sharpie markers in black, red and white


1.     Decide where you would like your center point and make a mark with the pencil.  (If you make a mistake or don’t like how your work is progressing you can easily rub off the pencil marks)  Continuing to work with the pencil begin making spoke lines all around.

2.     After you have made all the spoke lines (See photo) begin to make curved lines connecting to each spoke.  Separate the curved lines about ¼” apart.  Continue all around.  After you have completed your web, if you are not happy with any of your lines you can rub them off and adjust them.

3.     After you have penciled in all your lines and your web is complete, retrace all the lines with a black sharpie marker.

4.     Using the pencil draw the spider wherever you would like him to be.  Make a large circle and attach a small one to the top. Draw an hourglass shape in the center of the large circle.  Make four legs on each side.  Trace around all your lines with the black sharpie marker and color it in leaving the hourglass uncolored.  Use the red sharpie to color in the hourglass shape. Trace the legs with the marker and draw a line at the top if desired.  Make two small white dots in the small circle for eyes. 


  1. Creative, simple, non-craving solution. Thanks for sharing. I have pinned your post to the Pin Worthy Wednesday Pinterest Board.

  2. Love, love, love this Crystal ;o) Thank you ;o)


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