Thursday, September 11, 2014

Teenage mutant ninja gourds

There are artificial gourds in all the stores right now.  Some people see plain ole gourds. I see Ninja gourds.  They are easy enough for kids to make with just a little paint and glue.  You can use little ones like I did or go up to any size available.  Wouldn’t larger ones make a cute Halloween display? 

You will need:

Four artificial gourds

Acrylic paint, white, black red, purple, blue and red

Black sharpie marker

Small paintbrush

Waxed paper to cover work surface

Paper plate for paint palette

Two wiggle eyes for each gourd

Tacky craft glue

1.     Use some white acrylic paint to paint round circles for the eyes on each gourd.  Let dry. 

2.     Use red acrylic paint to paint a mouth on each gourd and let dry.

3.     Paint around the eyes with blue, red, purple and yellow acrylic paint in a mask shape.  (See photo)  Paint all around the gourds making a tie at the back.  Let the paint dry. Add a dab of glue in the center of each white eye area and attach wiggle eyes.

4.     When all the paint has dried use the black sharpie marker to outline the mouth and all around each mask.


  1. My TMNT fanatic is going to love making these! Thanks for the inspiration.

    Visiting from Friday Flash Blog.

  2. What a fun craft for the kids to make. TMNT is all the rage now too. Thanks for sharing on Merry Monday.

  3. How cute and so creative! Thanks for linking up to Pin Worthy Wednesday! Will be pinning this to our pinterest board!


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