Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Copper Wire Horse Earrings

Horses are a big part of my life.  I paint them, and I even craft them.  Let me clarify.  I craft earrings in a horse silhouette shape from some wire and beads.  If you would like to make a pair yourself, follow the step-by-step tutorial.

You will need:

20 gauge copper wire

E size seed beads in desired color

Copper ear wires

Wire cutter

Needle nosed pliers

1.     Cut two 5-inch pieces of 20 gauge copper wire.  Working on one earring at a time and using the needle nosed pliers tightly curl one end of the wire.  Stop when there is 3 inches of wire left.

2.     On the straight uncurled end of wire thread on six E beads.  Push the curl right up to the straight wire under the first seed bead to contain the beads.

3.     Right after the last bead you threaded, bend the wire to the right.  Leave 1/8” of wire and bend to the left.  Bend to the right again, go up another 1/8” and bend to the left.  (Ears made)  If they are misshapen use your needle nosed pliers to squeeze them together and adjust.

4.     Measure ½” down from the second ear and curve the nose.  Lightly squeeze to make an indentation in the wire about 1/8” from the nose under the jaw. (Muzzle)  Grab the tip end with the pliers and curl up to create the jaw line. Reshape the horse with your hands.

5.     Use the pliers to open up the ear wire and hook onto the back ear.  Squeeze the wire closed.

6.     Repeat the steps to make another earring checking occasionally to verify that the earrings are as uniform as possible.  When attaching the ear wire to the second earring be sure and turn the horse head so that they are facing in opposite directions.