Saturday, November 17, 2012

Christmas Duct tape coasters

All the stores are starting to get in cool Christmas duct tape designs, and just in time for your Christmas decorating.  These coasters whip up in a flash and are easy enough for the kiddies.  They make terrific hostess gifts so why not make some extra to give away.

You will need:

Corrugated cardboard

Christmas printed duct tape

Felt to match your duct tape

Tacky glue


Ruler, pencil

Pinking shears

Pearl string beads

1.     To make a set of four coasters, cut four 3 ½” squares from the corrugated cardboard.   Cover one side of each cardboard square with 3 strips of duct tape.  Trim the excess duct tape for about ½” overlapping around each square. 

2.     Trim the corners at an angle and fold each edge to the back.  Repeat for all the cardboard squares.

3.     Cut four pieces of felt 5”x 5”.  Add some tacky glue to the back of each duct tape covered square and attach to the felt square.  Make sure you center the duct tape covered squares evenly around on the felt.  Let dry.

4.     Add some tacky glue all around cardboard edge and attach some string pearls.  Let dry.  Use a pair of pinking shears to trim around the felt leaving about ½” edge.