Friday, November 30, 2012

Easy 30-minute rectangular Christmas wreath

Sometimes it’s good to be square…or even rectangular.  Different is good and easy is even better.  This wreath whips up in minutes and looks wonderful.  You only need a few supplies and in no time you will have Christmas wreath to be proud of.

You will need:

An 11 x 14 inch wooden frame without the glass (this is your wreath base)

Two six-foot non-wired garlands (there are a wide assortment of garlands available at craft stores and most are 50% off!)

20-gauge wire

Wire cutters

Wired ribbon or ready-made bow

1.     Starting at the upper left hand corner, attach one end of one of the garlands to the frame with an 8-inch piece of 20-gauge wire.  Twist to secure.  Begin to tightly wrap the garland around the frame stopping at the next corner.  Use another piece of wire to secure the garland to that corner twisting to the back.

2.     Continue wrapping till you reach the next corner and with another piece of wire secure to the frame tightly twisting the wire to the back.  (Half the wreath is covered)

3.     Attach the second garland with another piece of wire where you ended the first garland.  Wrap the garland as before, stopping at the next corner to secure with another piece of wire.

4.     Continue wrapping the garland until you reach the starting point and attach with a piece of wire twisting to the back.  (You should have the entire wreath covered)   Add a loop of twisted wire to the center back for hanging.

5.     Make a bow with some 2 inch wide wired ribbon (Instructions for making bows are upcoming in subsequent posts but there are very good instructions for making bows on the website Bowdabra or you can purchase a ready made bow and attach it with some wire to the side of your wreath.

Note:  You can change the size and even the shapes of the frames.  A good place to get inexpensive frames is at a thrift store.