Saturday, December 22, 2012

Holiday earrings

If you want to deck yourself as well as the halls with a pair of holiday pierced earrings making them is easier than you may think.  If you have allergies to certain metals and just can’t wear the baubles that you can buy at the discount stores it’s easy to make them with surgical steel wires or even Sterling silver.  If you can work a pair of needle nosed pliers you are all set.

You will need:

Needle nosed pliers, two pairs

Jewelry findings available in craft stores--

Jump rings

Fishhook ear wires, surgical steel or sterling silver (sterling is not as expensive as you may think)

Tiny ornaments for decorating miniature trees.

 You can buy all sorts of little ornaments, snowmen, bells, etc. Since most of the time there are multiple ornaments in a package you will have more than enough for several pairs. Look in the area for decorating miniature trees.  You will be surprised at all of the choices and ideas. When shopping for mini ornaments, make certain that they have an attached loop at the top where you can add the findings. Most are plastic so they end up being very lightweight.

1  Using two pairs of pliers, one for each hand, grab onto the jump ring and open by a twisting motion rather than pulling wide. 

2.     Slip the jump ring onto the top loop of your ornament.  Using the twisting motion in the opposite direction, close the jump ring. Make sure that the ends meet.

3.     Open another jump ring like you did before and loop onto the jump ring that you just attached to the ornament.  Add the fish hook ear wire to the same jump ring.  Make sure the ear wire is facing the right direction.  Twist the jump ring together to close.  Make sure the ends meet.

That’s it!  Now wasn’t that easy?  Quick and easy and you can enjoy them all the way to the New Year and beyond.

Warning:  These are so easy to make and so inexpensive that you may not be able to stop making them.  J

A wonderful way to give them as a gift is on a Christmas card made for adding photos.  Simply poke a hole through the card and tape a small rectangle of paper on the back to hold them in place. 


  1. Great tutorial. Have a nice weekend and a happy Christmas

  2. Great tutorial! Found you through Pinteresting Party.

  3. Great tutorial! I'm going to the craft store later this morning and will see if I can find everything I need to make my daughter a pair. What a wonderful last minute gift idea.

  4. Tricky for someone like me! LOL! But, I love the idea ;o) Great tutorial ;o)


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