Thursday, September 5, 2013

Halloween Pumpkin treat bags

These little treat bags are so easy you can make a bunch for your Halloween party.  Change the mouth (Smile, sad, scary, etc.) on each one to make them all unique!

You will need:

Pack of orange paper sacks 2 ½” x 4” (There are 25 in each pack and the top folds down to close)

Dimensional fabric paint, green glitter and black glitter

Black button for each bag

Halloween wiggle eyes two sizes


Tacky craft glue

1.     Work on one side of the bags at a time letting the paint dry in between.  If you are making a lot of bags, work assembly line style.  Turn bag to the backside where the flap turns over to close and working on the orange side use the green glitter dimensional paint to paint wavy or straight lines for the hair. Please note that this will be folded over on the opposite side for the hair.  Let dry completely for a few hours.

2.     When the hair is dry turn over and work on the face. Draw a mouth shape in pencil (Have fun drawing different mouths to make each bag unique)  Using tacky craft glue, attach a black button to the center for the nose.  Glue two wiggle eyes above the nose.  It is fun to use two different sizes of wiggle eyes for a whimsical look. (See photo)

3.    Use the black dimensional glitter paint to trace over the pencil outline.  Add two eyebrows over the wiggle eyes.  Let dry completely.

4.     Fill with small candies.  Fold over the flap to close.