Thursday, December 12, 2013

Kid's coloring gift card pocket--Free printable

Kid's can put their own personal touch on this gift card pocket with their favorite colors. Simply print the free printable coloring gift card pocket and decorate by coloring with crayons, colored pencils, markers and even glitter.  Easy directions follow:

You will need:

Computer and printer

White card stock paper

Double faced tape--or you can substitute a glue stick or tacky glue and use clothespin to hold the pocket together while the glue dries


Stylus or dried out ink pen

Ruler for scoring straight lines

Crayons, colored pencils, markers or glitter for decorating the pocket

1.  Download and print the pocket printable on white card stock paper and decorate your pocket. Cut out the pocket. Score the center line and side flap line with a stylus or dried out ink pen.  Score the curved lines. (The inside curves, not where you cut out your pocket)  Bend all the scored lines.

Score curved lines

Score center line

Score flap line

Cut out

Bend all scored areas

2.  Apply a strip of double faced tape on the side flap and attach to the opposite side.  You may use glue on this step if desired.

3.  Push in the end flaps (If you scored them they should close perfectly) on both ends and insert your gift card.

Note:  When scoring your pocket it is best to do it on a stack of newspapers.

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  1. Hi Crystal, Super cute! I am pinning this to my freebies page! Happy holidays! Thanks for sharing at the party. Theresa @DearCreatives


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