Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini book gift card holder for your favorite teacher or Dad

It’s getting close to the end of the school year and what do give as a gift for a favorite teacher?  I don’t know any teacher who doesn’t have at least 3 dozen coffee mugs and cookies are nice but maybe your child should show of his or her measuring abilities and make a mini book gift card holder for a gift card.  Yes, gift cards are great you can get them in almost any denominations these days and the teacher can choose the gift. I've made this gift card holder for teachers, but don't stop there...Father's Day is coming up and it would be so easy to replace the ABC letters with DAD!  

You will need:

Card stock paper

Dimensional design or regular felt

Tacky craft glue, clothespin




Felt or foam letters or alternately mini felt apples (or you can make an apple from mini red hearts.)

Small amount of green chenille stem (for apple motif only)

5 inches of gold cord

Raised button

1.     Cut the cardstock into a 6” x 8” rectangle.

2.     Fold the cardstock in half meeting end to end.

3.     Rotate and fold in half again. (See photo)

4.     Open the folded piece of cardstock.  Fold up the lower right hand corner using the fold line as a guide. (See photo)  Refold the card and you will have formed a little pocket.  Put a dab of glue at the lower corner to secure the pocket and secure with a clothes pin till dry.

5.     Cut a piece of felt for the cover 6 ¼” x 4 ¼”.

6.     Cut a four-inch piece of gold cord for the closure.

7.     Turn the card over and measure and make a pencil mark down 2 inches on the side with the pocket. Make the cord into a loop and attach at the mark you made with a dab of tacky glue. This is the closure loop.  Turn over before you glue to make sure it is on the backside and when pulled around to the front will close the book.  (See photo)

8.     Spread a generous amount of tacky glue onto the entire back and attach the felt.  If your felt is dimensional or a print, be sure that it faces the correct direction.  Let dry.

9.     Glue a button on the front of the book and use it to loop the cord over it to hold the book closed.

10. Attach three felt or foam letters lengthwise down the front, A,B,C. or your can alternately attach a couple of felt apples.  Be creative!  Open the book and insert the gift card.

Note:  If you can find apples and you would like it to have an apple you can make apples with two small hearts.  Turn one upside down on top of the other and trace the top on the bottom of the first one and cut.  Use a piece of green chenille stem on the top and glue to the book front.