Monday, June 15, 2015

Four leaf clover pendant with dimensional Mod Podge

Have you ever pressed flowers or greenery?  It’s really quite easy and doesn’t require too many supplies.  I happen to have a patch of clover in my front yard and in one area there are usually some of the four-leaf variety. If you don't have any clover,  you can choose a small flower or bud to press. Flower presses are available in most craft stores and are quite inexpensive, or you can make your own. You can even just use a heavy book.  (Make sure it’s a book you wouldn’t mind the pages getting a bit stained in the process) 

To make a flower press you will need to cut two rectangular pieces of wood the same size.  Drill holes in all four corners of both boards matching them up.  Purchase long screws that fit in the holes leaving enough protruding to tighten the boards together with wing nuts.  Cut corrugated cardboard to fit in between the boards and newsprint paper to put between the cardboard.  That’s all there is to it!


Small pressed four leaf clover or flower

Flower press or heavy book

Unprinted newsprint paper


ModPodge bezel pendant

Clear dimensional ModPodge

Tacky craft glue

 1/8” wide ribbon or ball chain in a length of your choice

To use a flower press:

1.    Choose a small flower or clover.  Use the freshest flowers you can find and dry them completely.  When they are pressed they will become thinner and semi-transparent but will retain most of the original color.

2.    Open the press and place a piece of cardboard on the bottom board.  Lay down a piece of equally sized newsprint placing the flower or clover on top.  Lay another piece of newsprint paper on top of the flower and a second piece of cardboard on top of that.

3.    Attach the top board and tighten with the wing nuts.  Lay aside for at least a week depending upon the thickness of the flower. 

To use a heavy book:

1.    Open a heavy book to the center.  Sandwich your flower or clover between two pieces of newsprint paper and close it in the book.

2.    Place some more books or weight on top and set aside for a week or so.

3.    After the flower has dried carefully remove it from the book.

To make the pendant:

1.    Gather your supplies. After your flower or clover has dried carefully remove it from your pressing device.

2.    Add a tiny dab of tacky glue in the center of the pendant.  This is just so that the flower or clover stays stationary while you are working.

3.    Do not shake the ModPodge dimensional glue, as it will cause bubbles to form.  Begin adding the glue so that it fills up the pendant to the edges.  It will go on cloudy but will dry clear.

4.    Set aside and let dry several hours or overnight.

5.    Loop a piece of 1/8” wide ribbon and insert into the top loop of the pendant; pull the other two ends through to knot at the top.  Tie a knot with the other ends to finish.  Or you may optionally use a ball chain.

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