Monday, September 18, 2017

How to paint a beautiful, and colorful autumn leaf rock

If you are like me you are having fun painting rocks and leaving them for someone to discover.  It is so quick and easy to paint this beautiful autumn leaf rock that you will want to paint several. Just use some acrylic paints and the pattern is right outside your door!

You can alter the colors that you use slightly for each autumn leaf rock, for rocks as varied as the real leaves!  This is a great group or kids craft too!


Rock, that you pick up or buy from the home improvement store.  You will need one that will fit the size you want.
Leaf  (real or a silk one that will fit on your rock)
Small flat paintbrush
Small liner or spotter brush
Paper plate for palette
Newspaper to protect your work surface
Acrylic paint, orange, yellow, red, burnt umber, burnt sienna, red, and green
Dark brown permanent fine line marker
Acrylic gloss or matte finish


1.     First, gather your supplies.  Protect your work surface with some newspaper or newsprint.  Place your rock on the paper and using either a real or silk leaf trace around it onto the rock with a pencil.

2.     Next, Using a small brush, fill in the entire leaf with orange acrylic paint.  Add the stem with a liner brush and burnt umber acrylic paint. Faintly paint the vein lines as well.

3.     Now, while the orange paint is still a little wet, add some yellow, red, and green, blending with the orange randomly on sections of the leaf.  Blend well.

4.     Continue adding the colors all around until you are pleased with the gradation of colors.

5.     Let all the paint dry completely.

6.     Finish by outlining the entire leaf and veins with the fine line marker.

7.     Add a coat of clear gloss or matte finish on the entire leaf to protect it.

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