Monday, November 6, 2017

Puppy rock

My little Jack Russell terrier is my muse.  She models for me when I paint, and she has me running around as fast she runs.  So it only goes to figure that I would paint a puppy rock. And this rock doesn't need trips to the vet or walking.  It's the new millennium version of the pet rock!

Painted rocks are all the rage these days.  You can leave them in parks or stores for someone to find.  It just makes someone’s day when they pick up a painted rock with a positive message written on it.  Kindness truly does rock!

And this little puppy rock is a great gift for your favorite dog lover.  You can use it as a paperweight or just for a little extra d├ęcor on your desk or shelf.  Paint one or paint a bunch.  You can’t get a craft that is less expensive.  When you finish your puppy rock add a cute little Bowdabra bow on her head or under her chin with E6000 glue and you will have the cutest little pup!


Oval river rock
Graphite paper
Small paintbrush
Acrylic paint, sienna, white, black, and pink
Fine line permanent marker
Paper plate or palette
 Face pattern

For the bow:

8” 5/8” grosgrain ribbon in the desired color
Mini Bowdabra with hair bow tool and ruler attachment
Bowdabra bow wire
E6000 glue


1.     First, download and print the face pattern.
2.     Next, cut out the pattern and place a piece of graphite paper under it on top of the rock of your choice.  Use the stylus to trace around the pattern.

3.     Now, remove the graphite paper and go over the faint lines with a pencil if need be. 

4.     Then, begin painting your rock.  Start with the Sienna and a small brush and paint the ears.  Make sure you leave a tiny space between the sections. (You will outline your puppy with the marker in this area when you are done)

5.     Next, paint the muzzle and forehead with white paint. Paint the eyes leaving the pupil area.  Paint the nose and pupils with black paint.  Paint the tongue with pink paint.

6.     Add another coat of paint on all the areas and let dry.  With a tiny bit of white paint add to small dots on each eye and two on the nose. (See photo)  Let dry completely.  Then, use the fine line permanent marker to outline all the areas on the pup.

7.     Make the optional bow.  Cut an 18” piece of Bowdabra bow wire, fold in half and insert into the Mini Bowdabra.  You will have a loop on one side and two loose wires on the other.  This serve as a slipknot when finished.

8.     Cut an eight-inch piece of 5/8” wide grosgrain ribbon.  Insert into the Bowdabra leaving a small tail.  Make a loop on the other side at the ½” mark and then make a matching loop on the other side.  Scrunch down with the Bowdabra wand.

9.     Now, insert the two loose wires through the loop and pull tight.  Separate the ends and tie a knot.  Remove from the Bowdabra. Fold each end in half and cut to dovetail.

10.  To finish your puppy rock, use some E6000 glue to add the bow to the rock and let dry. 

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  1. That's a nice idea to leave a rock for someone to find and have. I read about some artists doing that with their art. Your rocks, truly rock Crystal! I mean that! Big Hugs!


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