Saturday, June 30, 2012

K-Cup, Flower Bow

What do you do when you need to wrap a small gift and don’t have any paper or bows to fancy it up?  You grab a large sheet of scrapbook paper (The benefit is that it’s even thicker than gift wrap) and a used K-Cup.  Your package will be pretty, unique and best of all recycled!

You will need:

2 white used K-cups (cleaned with filters removed)


Small pointed scissors

Small piece of felt to match your paper

Scrap of ribbon, to fit around your gift

Double faced tape

Tacky craft glue   

Glue gun and glue sticks

Seed beads

Paper plate

White glitter


Use two K-cups for the flower. When gluing the K-cups together you may use a glue gun or tacky glue whichever you prefer.  Tacky glue will need some time to dry, however. 

1)   Cut around the top edges of the K-cups.  Make sure you remove the lips.

2)   Using the ruler, measure ½” increments making hash marks with the pencil around the top of the K-cups.

3)   Cut slits to the base of the K-cups with the pointed scissors using the hash marks as a guide.

4)   Bend each petal down to the base to flatten.

5)   Round each petal by snipping the edges on each side.

6)   Line up two K-cups inside each other, turning to allow the petals to flare out slightly.  Glue them together.

7)   Spread some tacky glue on your flower petals and working over a paper plate sprinkle on some white glitter and let dry.  Cut a circle of felt the dimension of the center of the K-cup and glue to the center of the flower.  Make some dots of glue in the center of the flower and attach some coordinating colored seed beads.

8)   Use some scrapbook paper to wrap your gift and if you have it available tie on some ribbon. Add some double faced tape to the back of your flower bow and attach to the center of the gift.