Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Binder Pencil Pouch from Duct Tape and a storage bag

Back to school is almost upon us.  You could buy one of those ready-made pencil pouches that fit in a binder—or you could use some duct tape (there are tons of prints and colors) and a regular old storage bag to make a stylish personalized one of a kind.  Easy enough for kids but parents will want to get in on the fun too!

You will need:

One gallon sized slider style storage bag

Duct tape in desired print or color

Plastic cutting mat-- optional (helps with cutting the duct tape)

Ruler, marker, scissors

Three-hole punch or regular hole punch

1.     Measure and cut 3 inches off the bottom edge of the storage bag.  Discard the cut off piece.

2.     Measure and cut 5 pieces of duct tape to 10 ½” each.

Cutting duct tape is easy to measure on a plastic cutting mat

3.     Starting at the upper edge attach a 10 ½” piece of duct tape over the plastic of the bag and across. Press to adhere.  Repeat with three more pieces of duct tape overlapping just a bit where the edges meet to cover the bag. Overlap the bottom edge of the final piece and press to the opposite side.

4.     Turn over to cover the other side.  Cut 4 pieces of duct tape to 12” each.  Start as you did on the first side except fold the extra length on each side (about ½” on each side) to the back. (Already covered side) 

5.     When you have completely covered the bag, you will need to reinforce the sides and bottom edge.  To do this cut 2 pieces of duct tape 7 ¾” each.  Press half the tape on one side covering any uneven edges and turn the excess to the opposite side.  Repeat on the other end.  For the bottom, cut another piece of duct tape 10 ½” and attach part to one side and fold the rest to the other side. (Bottom reinforced)

6.     Use a three-hole punch to make holes for the loose-leaf binder along the bottom edge.  If you do not have a three-hole punch, use a piece of loose-leaf paper to trace where the holes should be and punch with a regular hole punch.


  1. What a smart idea! I love that the duct tape reinforces the bag and makes it fun colored, how awesome!

    Thanks so much for sharing this at The Fun In Functional!

  2. Now this is cool! I am making this!

  3. Great idea! I hated buying these for school! I am visiting from thee blog hop. I know I am way late but I wanted to stop by. I am a new follower! I blog over at I hope you will stop by and do the same. I also have an awesome giveaway with a Cricut Machine going on right now! I would love it if you would enter!


  4. this is SOOO smart! i would love for you to come share this on my blog, there is a weekend link party going on right now, so go check it out! i'm totally doing this :)
    {love} lauryn @

  5. We are a duct tape family use it for lots of projects. Come visit sometime,
    New follower, Kathy B.

  6. This is so cute! Thanks so much for sharing at the Pinworthy Projects Party!

  7. Just posted on Craft Gossip! Such a great craft for back to school!

  8. Genius! I'm totally have all 5 of my kids make their own pencil pouches from now on!

  9. Hey that's actually very smart. I remember I bought pencil pouches every year during my middle school and highschool years. When I have children I am totally doing this. And i'm glad I stumbled on your blog from the tutorial tuesday hop!


  10. Awesome! Love that! Thanks for sharing at our Pinteresting Party

  11. A great way to use the colorful duct tapes that are available now!

  12. This is such a neat idea! So wish I was back in school just so that I can make myself a cool pencil pouch to show off to my friends lol


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