Saturday, July 7, 2012

Christmas in July--Down the Chimney Silverware Pockets

I know it's early but Christmas will be here before you know it, so I've decided to feature at least one Christmas project every week.  Start on your ornaments and decorations and before you know it you will be Christmas ready.  This project is a popular re-run of sorts from my other blog so grab some glue, felt and Christmas spirit and "make it easy."  

Are you looking for an easy an inexpensive project to do with the kids to brighten up that holiday table? Look no further!  You can make one, two, or more of these cute little chimney silverware pockets for very little money in no time!

 “Down the Chimney Silverware Pockets,” instructions for easy Kids or adult craft:

You will need:

12” x 9-inch square of red felt.  Embossed felt in Alligator red gives it a brick like look.  (One square makes three pockets so purchase enough for your needs)

12” x 9-inch square of white glitter stiffened felt.  You can use regular felt but the stiffened felt makes a sturdier pocket.  (One square will make four)

Tacky glue




Clothespins to hold the pocket tight while the glue sets

Die cut snowflake felt shapes

Scrap cardboard for pattern

1.     As always protect your work surface with newspaper or craft paper.

Fold the red felt in half lengthwise.  Measure 4 inches across, and cut.  Repeat twice.  You will have three folded pieces of felt. 

3.     Open the folded piece and run a bead of glue down each side.  Refold to adhere.  You will have a pocket made.  Repeat with the other two pieces.  Let dry. 

4.     To make the snow on the edge of the chimney make a pattern from a piece of cardboard.  (Cereal boxes are perfect for this use) Cut a piece of cardboard    5” x 2.”  Round the corners.  Draw a wavy line on one edge and cut out.  It does not have to perfect, because it is representing snow piled on to the rim of the chimney.  Once you have your pattern, place it on the stiffened glitter white felt, trace and cut out.  Turn over and trace another, piece.  Laid together, the pieces should match up. 

5.     It is easiest to glue each side separately.  Spread some tacky glue onto the back of one of the pieces of white felt you just cut out.  Attach to the front of the chimney pocket.  Repeat for the back with the other piece of white cut out making sure you glue each overhang side.  Use a clothespin to hold it tight till the glue sets.  Let it dry.

6.     Attach some snowflake felt die cut shapes as desired.  Die cut felt shapes are available in craft stores or online.