Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recycled Travel Jewelry case

When you travel it’s nice to have a little place to put your jewelry. All you need is an empty margarine container, some duct tape in your choice of colors and some plastic canvas.  It’s easy and quick to make and is handy to have for summer travel.

You will need:

An empty small margarine container.  Mine was oval but you may use a rectangular one. 

Colored plastic canvas

Exacto knife or equivalent

Duct tape in desired color

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Scrap of ¼” lace trim

Ruler, scissors


1.     Measure across your container to obtain the width.  Mine was 3 ” When you cut your square of plastic canvas it will need to be wider than your width.  So my square was 3 ¾.” (Most small margarine containers are 3” in width.)  Once you determine how wide your insert will be, cut tabs on each side three squares x three squares in the center of the square. The tabs will be ½”.  Trim up the sides sort of like stair steps. (See photo)

2.     Using a ruler along the side of your container, measure and mark the center on both sides, making sure they are parallel.  Use an exacto or craft knife to cut a ½” slit in each side at the marks you made.

3.     Make sure the earring insert tabs fit in both sides of your container.  This will be your removable earring insert.

4.     Cut two 4-inch strips of duct tape and apply to the sides of your container.  Cut slits in bottom edge to enable the tape to fold slightly under.  Cut two 3-inch strips and apply to side ends, cutting slits and folding under as before.  Smooth any wrinkles out with your fingers. Use the craft knife of cut away any duct tape from the slits for your insert. Cut another 4-inch strip and apply to the bottom. Smooth out any wrinkles.

5.     Cut a 2 pieces of duct tape to fit across the top of your container and press down.  Use your fingers to mold to the edges and trim up with the craft knife. 

6.     Run a bead of hot glue along the upper edge of the container and add some ¼” lace trim if desired.

The plastic canvas piece will hold several pairs of earrings and is removable.  You may use the bottom section for rings, bracelets, hairpins, etc.