Monday, May 6, 2013

Feather blossom hairpins

Wouldn’t Mom just love these feather blossom hairpins?  You can whip them up in a flash and attach them to just about anything. 

You will need:

Feathers in desired colors

Tacky craft glue

Black stiffened felt

Buttons or cabochons

Hairpins, barrettes or hair band

Glue gun and glue sticks

Compass and white pencil


1.     Use the compass to draw a 1 inch diameter round shape on the stiffened felt.  Cut out.

2.     Begin attaching feathers with tacky glue in a spoke like pattern.  If the feather I slightly bent—bend the end of the shaft and cut where the bend line is so that it lays flatter. It may be easier to add the glue directly to the shaft of the feather.  Make sure the feathers you use are about the same size.

3.     Continue working around till your reach your starting point.  Fill in any sparse areas with extra feathers.  Let it dry completely

4.     When the blossom is dry use some tacky glue to attach a cabochon, rhinestone or button in the center.  Let dry. 

5.     You can use these feather blossoms to decorate all sorts of things.  Use a glue gun and glue sticks to attach to a hairpin.  Add to a hair band.  Use in scrapbooking.  The sky is the limit.

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