Friday, May 10, 2013

Personalize an Iphone case

If you have an Iphone and you’re a bit tired of the design why not re-design it? Grab some double-faced sticker paper and a 2 ¼” wide bookmark (It's the perfect width) in your choice of designs and your on your way. I chose a 3-D one and it’s awesome!

You will need:

2 ¼” wide bookmark

Double faced sticker paper (available in the scrapbook section of your craft store)


Fine line marker

X-Acto or craft knife

Old Iphone case (You can also use a new one found in craft and dollar stores)

Self-healing mat (Or work on heavy corrugated cardboard if you don’t have a mat.)

1.     Turn your bookmark over on the unprinted side.  Place the Iphone case on top of the bookmark and trace the size and the camera opening.  (Make sure you are tracing at the bottom and not the tassel end.)

2.     Cut out the curved shape of the case.  Place the bookmark on the self-healing mat or cardboard and use an X-Acto knife to cut out the camera hole. 

3.     Remove a portion of the paper backing from one side of the double faced sticker paper and attach the prepared bookmark—unprinted side on the sticky surface, making sure you have a bit of excess all around.  Trim around with scissors.

4.     Remove the backing (clear backing) from the opposite side of the sticker paper and attach the Iphone case making sure you line it up properly. 

5.     Place the case on the self-healing mat or heavy cardboard and trim flush all around the iphone case.  Cut out the sticker from the camera hole.  Press to adhere securely.