Saturday, May 18, 2013

Recycled envelope notepad

Have you ever searched for something to write a telephone number or other note and grabbed the first thing available?  And isn’t the paper you reach for sometimes a scrap envelope?  Well, why not recycle those envelopes from greeting cards, bills, etc. into attractive notepads?  It is easy and quick and is a great kid’s craft and costs practically nothing.

You will need:

Several envelopes from greeting cards, etc.

Tacky craft glue or white school glue

Small amount of scrapbook paper in a print and solid color

Scrap of mat board or other lightweight cardboard

Binder clip (or even a couple of clothespin to hold the pages together)


Scissors (Or a paper cutter makes the job super easy--when working with kids supervise)

Paper plate

Small paintbrush, water to rinse out brush

1.     Open all the envelopes that you are using and cut off the sides and flap.  Use the centers for your notepad. (body of the envelope) Measure and cut 3” x 4” pieces. (Pages of notepad)

2.     Cut a piece of decorative print scrapbook paper and a piece of cardboard 3” x 4”, the same size as the pages.  (Front and back cover)

3.     When you have enough paper pieces, stack them together, along with the front and back cover and attach a binder clip to the bottom to hold the pad together.

4.     Add some tacky or white glue onto a paper plate and using the small paintbrush liberally brush glue on the top edges.   Let dry.

5.     Measure another piece of solid color scrapbook paper, 3” x 1 ½”.  (Top binding)

6.     Fold the scrapbook binding paper onto the top to cover where you glued the pages together and attach with some more glue.  Let dry completely.

Note:  If you don't have any envelopes to recycle, you can use all purpose printer paper for the pages!