Saturday, August 3, 2013

Beaded hair tie-- or is it a bracelet?

This is an easy way to deco up your hair ties into bracelets, or is a bracelet into hair tie.  You be the judge. 

You will need:

Beads of choice

20 gauge colored wire

Wire cutters

Needle nosed pliers

Crimping tool

Large crimps

Hair ties



1.     Cut the hair tie with the scissors.  You will have one straight elastic piece.

2.     Using the crimping tool and a large crimp insert one end of the elastic piece into the crimp and squeeze with the crimping tool tightly to close.  Use the tool to bend the crimp flat.

3.     Repeat step two on the other end.  You will have two ends with crimps attached.

4.     Cut a 2 –inch piece of 20-gauge wire in your choice of color. Working on one end of the elastic piece, insert the wire into the loop of the crimp on one end of the elastic and curl with needle nosed pliers tightly to close.

5.     Thread your choice of beads onto the wire and insert into the crimp loop on the opposite end of the elastic and curl the wire tip like you did on the other side.

6.     Bend to adjust with your hands.

7.     Wear as a hair tie or as a bracelet—or both.