Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fall Rosette pony tail holder hair tie

An elastic hair tie is just that—and elastic hair tie, but add an easy rosette to the hair tie and it takes on a whole new life. Kids will love them but it’s elegant enough for adults too! It’s fashionable in any color but perfect in a fall hue to complement your fall wardrobe.

You will need:

·      Mini Bowdabra mini bowmaker with ruler

·      Felt

·      Compass and pencil

·      18” Bowdabra bow wire

·      Elastic hair tie

·      18 inches 2 ½” sheer glitter ribbon

·      Rhinestone, jewel, bauble or other small embellishment

·      Glue gun and glue sticks

·      Scissors

1.     Use the compass to mark two ½” diameter circles on a piece of felt.

2.     Cut out the felt circles with scissors

3.     Cut an 18-inch piece of Bowdabra gold bow wire fold in half and place in the Bowdabra bow maker.  You will have a loop at one end and two pieces of wire at the other end.

4.     Cut an 18-inch piece of 2 ½” wide sheer ribbon and insert directly into the Mini Bowmaker from the top.  The ribbon piles up like an accordion.  Scrunch the ribbon until your reach the end.

5.     Use the wand to push down the ribbon tightly.

6.     Thread the two loose end through the loop end of the bow wire and pull tightly.

7.     Tie a knot at the bottom and fluff up the rosette.

8.     Use the hot glue gun to attach one of the felt circles on the back of the rosette.  Glue the elastic hair tie on top of this felt piece and then glue the other felt piece on top.

9.     Glue on a bauble, rhinestone or other embellishment in the center of the rosette if desired.