Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Duct tape pine cone ornament tutorial

You may have seen pinecone ornaments before but you probably haven’t seen them upgraded to for the 21st century.  Instead of ribbon to make the pinecone petals I’ve used colored duct tape. In addition you can buy smooth Styrofoam so that the pins stay in much tighter.  Finish the pinecone with a Bowdabra ribbon bow and some holly berries and hang on your tree.  It’s sure to become a favorite heirloom ornament for years to come!

You will need:

·      Duct tape (I used camo color but you can use any color you desire)

·      Plastic cutting mat or other work surface

·      Ruler

·      Pencil

·      Scissors

·      Small sequin straight pins

·      Small smooth styrofoam egg (You can substitute a regular styrofoam egg if desired)

·      Thimble for pushing in pins or you can use the flat part of your ruler

For the Bowdabra bow you will need:

·      Bowdabra mini bowmaker with hair bow tool

·      Bowdabra bow wire

·      36 inches of 7/8” wide Christmas wired ribbon

·      Two sprigs of holly berries

·      Glue gun and glue sticks

1.     Use a plastic cutting mat to measure and cut 1” squares from your duct tape.  Fold diagonally to make a triangle shape.  Make a bunch because you will need to cover your styrofoam egg with them.  Leave one square unfolded for the bottom of the egg.

2.     Attach the unfolded square on the pointed end of the Styrofoam egg and secure with sequin pins on each corner.  Begin placing triangles working up towards the wider end with pointed side down. Secure with a pin at each end.  You may want to use a thimble to push the pins in or you can just use the flat part of your ruler.  Continue working up the egg overlapping the triangle petals. Try and cover the pin heads as you work upward. (See photo)

3.     When you reach the top of the egg cover with duct tape triangles as needed.

4.     Make the bow.  Cut an 18” length of Bowdabra bow wire fold in half and place in the bowmaker.  You will have a loop at one end.

5.     Cut a 36” length of 7/8” wide wired ribbon. Place one end in the bowmaker to the 2 inch line. (This will be the tail)

6.     Make a loop on the opposite side to the 2 inch line and make a corresponding loop on the opposite side.

7.     Cut two small sprigs of holly berries and insert into the bowmaker on each side.

8.     Continue folding loops on each side till you have a two-inch tail left.  Scrunch down with the wand. 

9.     Thread the loose ends of the bow wire through the loop and pull tight.  Tie the wire into a knot. And fluff up the bow loops and arrange the berries.

10. Pull the two loose ends of the bow wire to the top of the bow and tie a knot. (You will use the bow wire for hanging your ornament.   Attach the bow to the egg with a hot glue gun. Add a couple of pins for extra security.


  1. I found your post at Mom's Monday Mingle. What a neat idea! I especially like your bow maker! I need one of those :) I can not make nice looking bows, no matter how hard I try. Thank you for sharing this post!

    1. Check out bowdabrablog.com for bow maker giveaways! You might just win one! Thanks for commenting! :-)

  2. That is so fun and I have a huge box of duct tape here!

  3. My kids would love this...we have tons of duct tape~ and I love your bow maker!


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