Saturday, November 16, 2013

Thanksgiving Recycled floral napkin ring

If you want some easy and elegant napkin rings for your Thanksgiving table just look in your kitchen.  Grab that cardboard tube from a used paper towel roll, a dollar store fall floral bush and some green floral tape and you can whip up a whole set of napkin rings in a jiff-- for pennies!  Simple, elegant and easy as pumpkin pie!

You will need:

Silk fall flowers

Green floral tape

Glue gun and glue stick

Small piece of masking tape

Hole punch




Wire cutters

X-acto or craft knife

1.     Measure and mark ½” from the end of the paper towel roll.  Cut it off with a craft knife using a sawing motion.  Trim off any uneven pieces.  Continue cutting rings off the cardboard tube till you have as many as needed.

2.     Snip off the blooms from a silk flower bush of your choice with wire cutters close to the underside base of the flower.  Cut a bloom for each napkin ring and set aside.

3.     Punch a hole in the center of the cardboard ring.  Add some hot glue to the underside of the flower and center over the hole you made with the punch.  Press to adhere allowing an excess stem to poke through the hole.  Add a small piece of masking tape on the underside for extra security.

4.     Begin wrapping the floral tape all around the cardboard ring making sure you cover the ring completely.  Floral tape sticks to itself when pressed with your fingers.  After you have wrapped it once around repeat for a second layer of floral tape.  Napkin ring made.  Make as many as you need.

Note:  Don’t stop here, make some Holiday ones with poinsettias for your Christmas table as well!


  1. Such a great idea. I know I have a lot of flowers in my craft room that need a use!

  2. This is so pretty and you can use this idea all year round! Excellent!

  3. What a simple yet beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea. My daughter would love to make some of these with me!

  5. Lovely. So simple. These flower rings came out great! Would be fun to add a few on other elements of the dinner table... ~ Rose

  6. Maybe when I finally decide to host Thanksgiving at our house, I will make these. Super cute.

  7. These are so pretty but so easy to make. I love them.. I was working on my own napkin rings before I lost power earlier this week from the storms. Mine are totally different than yours so I can feature both.. :) You are today's Dare to Share Feature of the Day.. You can see your feature here. Thanks so much for linking up Crystal!

  8. These napkin rings look very pretty! Thank you for the tutorial!


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