Friday, August 22, 2014

Vacation souvenir rock paperweight tutorial

When you travel for vacation do you visit a gift shop and pick up a souvenir of your trip? Most souvenirs are only visiting just like you and originate in a factory in some other place. So, in effect, the wallet you pull out to pay for it just as much a souvenir. Want a real souvenir?  Well then go get your rock, paper and scissors!

When I vacation I simply pick up a nice rock, or small stone from the side of the road or anywhere it’s ok to do that.  The rock is actually a piece of the place.  When I get home I use a sharpie, some Modpodge decoupage glue and an image that represents the vacation from my computer and printer.  Voila!  An instant real souvenir and it is pretty much free! Follow this tutorial and you can have a piece of your vacation memory forever.  Hint:  Shells and small driftwood work for this project too.

You will need:

Rock, shell, or driftwood in your choice of size

Modpodge decoupage glue (You can use outdoor modpodge if your rock is large and you want to display it outdoors)

Sharpie marker

Computer and printer


Small paintbrush

Waxed paper

1.     Wash and dry the rock.  Gather your supplies and cover your work surface with some waxed paper. Use your printer to print an image that represents the area or an even a small personal photo on all-purpose paper.  Carefully cut out the image. (I like to use the state seals)

2.     Brush some Modpodge glue generously on the flattest side of the rock.  Place the image on the glued area and brush some more glue on top.  Let dry.  When dry brush another coat over entire rock.  Let dry.

3.     When the glue has dried use a sharpie marker to write the place and date on the rock.  You can write on the back or the bottom optionally.  Brush another coat of Modpodge glue on the writing to protect it.

Note:  You can also use personal vacation photos, tickets, images cut out from travel pamphlets.  The sky is the limit for personalization!


  1. Such a cool idea! I love rocks, so this is for me!!

  2. This is a lovely idea Crystal. I have never seen or tried Mod Podge so I must buy some to try this. Thank you for sharing this project. Marion

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  4. I love this idea, definitely something my kids could do! Thanks for sharing at #merrymonday

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