Sunday, June 3, 2012

Recycled CD Mosaic Flower Pot

We all have those old useless CD’s still lying around.  They may be the ones that ISP’s used to send out by the boatload, or maybe some old playlists from our pre-iPod days.  It’s hard to toss them so why not use them for crafting?  And seriously now, old Cd’s are craft supply perfection.  They are free, and they are flashy. 

You will need:

About 3 old CDs

Scissors or tin snips (I used an old pair of scissors)

Tacky glue (I used Fast Tack Tacky glue)

Plastic 6 inch terra cotta color flower pot

Black slick dimensional fabric paint

(It’s a good idea to wear eye protection while cutting the CD in case any of the pieces fly up)

1.     Cut the CD up into pieces.  Vary the sizes and the shapes. Working in small sections, squeeze some glue under the edge of the top lip.  Start adding the CD pieces one at a time and place in the glue.  Keep applying CD pieces in this way making sure you leave some space between each piece. Continue working all around until the pot is covered with the CD pieces.  Let dry.  You are adding the CD pieces in the center of the pot only. (See Photo)  If you like you may add CD pieces onto the whole pot, if you do however, you will need more CDs.

2.     Squeeze some dimensional fabric paint onto a scrap of paper to make sure that there are no bubbles and it comes out even. 

3.     Fill in the areas between the glued on CD bits with the fabric glue. Try and keep your lines even.  It is easiest to put one hand in the pot to hold it as you add the fabric glue.  As you work around filling in the open areas be careful not to smear your previous lines.  When you have filled in all the open areas, let dry.

When the light hits your planter pot all sorts of colors will be reflected from the CD pieces!