Saturday, June 22, 2013

Duct tape decorative guest soap sleeve

When I received the duct tape from Scotch duct tape in a tutorial exchange program on Totally Tutorials, I just couldn’t stop with only one project.  This adorable lacy duct tape pattern practically screamed at me to create something with it…so, you have not one, but two duct tape tutorials.

If you have extra soap in your guest bathroom, why not decorate them with a reusable sleeve until they are ready for use?  It’s quick, easy and fun to make.  Kid’s can even help with this too. You can even make this sleeve to use with scented home made soaps for a cute gift basket idea!

You will need:

3” x 1” bar soap

Cardstock in a color to match your bathroom

Scotch Lacy duct tape

Scissors, ruler, pencil

All purpose tacky glue

Stylus (Or dried out ink pen)


Bauble, cabochon, rhinestone or other embellishment for the top of the sleeve. (Optional)

1.  Measure and cut the cardstock   3” x 7”.  Working down the 7”length on the inside of your sleeve, use the pencil to make lines across as follows:

15/16” (The mark just before the inch mark),
2 inches
1 inch
2 inches
15/16” inch

2.  Use the stylus alongside the ruler to score and fold all the lines.  (See photo)

3.  Adhere a strip of the duct tape down the 7 inch length of the cardstock leaving a ½” extra at each end. (Outside of sleeve)   Fold the excess duct tape to the back (inside of sleeve)

4.  Spread some glue on the edge 15/16” margin on the side and attach to the opposite side.  Use some clothespins to hold the sides together till dry.

5.  When dry attach a bauble, cabochon, or other embellishment to the top.  Slide soap in the sleeve and enjoy.

Note:  There are tons of cool colors of duct tape so the sky is the limit!

P.S.  I've just joined the design team and I'm looking forwards to creating fantastic bow crafts.  You should check out their awesome website and blog!  After all anything looks better with a perfect bow on it!