Thursday, June 6, 2013

Patriotic quick and easy wreath for July 4th

Do you need a quick and easy wreath to decorate your door for the July 4th holiday?  Time is running out but this wreath is done and on the door in a matter of minutes. 

You will need:

18-inch grapevine or similar wreath

3-yard spool of 1 ½” inch patriotic ribbon

Patriotic cupcake liner set with flag picks (I got a set at the dollar store)

Glue gun and glue sticks

Red, white, and blue wire garland (also from the dollar store)

1.     At a dab of hot glue on the back of the wreath and attach the ribbon end.  Wrap the ribbon around the wreath leaving about an inch between wrapped ribbon.  Continue wrapping around the entire wreath and tack the end down with some hot glue on the back to secure. (See photo)

2.     Working on the area not covered by ribbon; begin inserting the flag picks at an angle, under the ribbon and facing the same direction.  (See photo)  Continue all around until you have inserted flag picks in all the wreath open areas.

3.     Unwind the patriotic garland, insert one end into the wreath and (you may secure with hot glue) wrap loosely all around the wreath.  When you reach the opposite end insert into the wreath and secure with hot glue. Arrange and loosen the wire garland attractively like an aura around your wreath.

                         Now go and use the cupcake liners to make some patriotic cupcakes!