Thursday, June 20, 2013

Woven duct tape reversible place mat

I recently received an awesome package of five rolls of duct tape from Scotch Duct Tape for the tutorial exchange held on Totally Tutorials and I couldn’t wait to start creating a few projects.  Check out their site for more fun projects using duct tape. If you use scissors to trim the edges instead of an X-Acto knife this is a great family project!

You will need:

Poster board

Scotch Duct tape, solid red and kiss print

Ruler, scissors, pencil

X-Acto or craft knife (Parents only)

Self-healing cutting mat or cutting board to work on

1.     Measure and cut two pieces of poster board, one 13” x 13” (For the strips) and the other 16” x 13”.(Placemat base)

2.     Work on a cutting mat or cutting board.  Place the 16” x 13” rectangle (Placemat base) on the board and apply a strip of red duct tape across the short side. Fold the top edge of the duct tape to the back.  Trim the sides with the craft knife or scissors evenly. 

3.     Continue adding duct tape strips overlapping slightly until you have one side of the rectangle completely covered. It will take about 10 strips.  Fold the bottom excess to the back. Smooth with your fingers to remove any wrinkles. Use the X-Acto craft knife or scissors to trim any excess on the sides. Turn over and repeat on the other side.  (See photo)

4.     Cover the 13” x 13” poster board on one side with red like you did for the larger poster board.  Trim all edges and fold the top and bottoms to the back. Turn over and cover the opposite side with the Kiss print duct tape.  

5.     Starting 1/3” inch from one edge of the 16” side of the red duct tape covered poster board, measure and cut 1-inch strips across stopping just up to about 1/3” from the opposite end. 

6.      From the 13” square two color duct tape covered poster board measure and cut into one-inch strips. Cut from the opposite directions that you placed the duct tape.

7.     Weave the two color strips onto the larger placemat base piece alternating over and under until you have used all the strips.  Push them tightly together. One side will be two-color and the other will be solid color.

8.     Finish your placemat by attaching a strip of red duct tape across where you ended your weaving and turn the rest of it to the back.  Press with your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles. Repeat this reinforcement around the other three sides to finish.

Placemat is reversible too!