Friday, January 13, 2012

Conversation Valentine Mini-heart box tutorial for Paint Party Friday

It's still me, Crystal from Crystal Clear and I just wanted you all to check out my second blog just for craft tutorials, my-- work in progress. I haven't been around for a few weeks, recovering from a respiratory infection but I'm back now and good as new and I can't wait to see all of your newest work!

I found these little paper Mache boxes in a pack of 6 for under $3.00 at a local AC Moore craft store.  I just knew they would be perfect painted to resemble the conversation heart candy that is just everywhere on Valentine’s Day. You can fill them with a few of the candy hearts themselves as a party favor-- or better yet a special little gift for someone special.

You will need:

Mini paper Mache heart boxes (pack of 6)

Acrylic paint in pastel colors--pink, green, lavender, lemon yellow, and blue

Gold acrylic paint

Small paintbrush

Fine line marker in rose or pink

Ruler, newspaper, pencil with eraser, paper plates for paint

1.     Cover your work surface with paper to protect it.  Paint the inside of each box with gold metallic paint.  Let dry.

2.     Paint each box a different pastel color and let dry.  When dry add a second coat of paint if needed.  Yellow paint sometimes needs three coats.  Let dry completely.

3.     Use the examples given to write the sayings on the top of each box or personalize with some of your own with the fine line pink/rose marker. The height for the lettering should be approximately ¾ of an inch.  It is not that important to be perfect.  The candy hearts themselves are not always perfect!  If you are a bit leery about lettering, than lightly write the saying in pencil and then go over it with the marker.

When are finished you have a "conversation heart piece"...couldn't resist that one!  Visit all the other fantastic, wonderful, supportive, creative people this week on Paint Party Friday  Thanks to Kristin and Eva.