Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Doodle Scottie dog greeting card

Think you can’t make a unique hand made card?  Don’t’ be silly.  Just copy the silhouette and fill it in with your very own doodles.  Drawing tiny circles is very relaxing and fun. Trust me, it gets addictive and you won’t be able to stop with just one.

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You will need:

5 x 7 blank note-card in desired color

Bristol board (or lightweight cardboard or cardstock)

Fine line permanent markers, black and red

Tacky craft glue

4 Cabochons, rhinestones, or buttons

16 inches of Gold or silver braided ribbon

Double-faced tape

Scissors, pencil, tracing paper, ruler graphite or carbon paper

1.     Cut a piece of Bristol board or lightweight cardboard 3 inches by 5 inches.  Trace the silhouette, (see pattern) onto the cardboard piece.  Go over the outline with the black marker making sure to make the lines thicker around the front and back paws. (See photo)

2.     Fill in the body with little circles varying the sizes with a permanent black marker.

3.     Fill in the bow with red marker exactly as you did the body. (See photos)

4.     Attach a couple strips of double-faced tape on the back of the Scottie piece.  Center it on the card and adhere.

5.     Cut the ribbon into two five-inch pieces and two three-inch pieces. Glue the two 3-inch pieces across the top and bottom of the image and two 5-inch pieces on both sides with some Tacky glue.

6.     At each corner where the cords meet, glue a rhinestone, button or cabochon to cover the raw edges.

7.     You may, if you have it available, stamp a greeting on the inside or leave blank for notes and letters.


  1. I love this!! Our best friends are Scottish!! I know I will be making some ;o) Have a great one Crystal ;o)

  2. This is cute, Crystal. I get how the circles would be addictive! Love to doodle.
    Catherine Denton


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