Saturday, January 7, 2012

Quick, easy, and inexpensive, stick man chenille pins

Ever notice on the back of some vans and cars the little stick figures that represent family members?  By varying the chenille stems and colors you can make your own to wear, maybe not the whole family but one or two might be nice.  Stay tuned, pets coming soon!

You will need:

Pack of sparkle chenille stems (you need one stem for each pin)

Tacky craft glue

1-inch pin back

Wiggle eyes  (one set for each pin.)

1.     To make a pin fold a chenille stem in half.  At the top, using your fingers form a small circle. 

2.     Measure down two inches on one side and bend stem upwards.  (see photo) Repeat on the other side.  Cross right stem over body area and come up with the end at the neck.  Bend into place.   Bring other side around back and cross around neck to front and twist in place.  Adjust hands to any pose desired. 

3.     Glue two wiggle eyes right at the area where the head meets the neck  and let dry.

4.     Glue a one-inch pin back onto back of pin and let dry.